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Michael Matos Fine Woodworking
Hand Painted Cabinets and Replaced Mirrors in the Panes.
Custom Built Cabinets for a Client in New York. Tiger-Curly Maple and Sprayed w/Clear Coat Lacquer_2008
Wood Panelling and Doors Maple w/Cherry Stain and Sprayed w/ Clear Coat Lacquer_2007
Brown Mahogany Chair Refinished and Repaired for Clarence Legler_2010
All Three Pieces Repaired, Stripped Of Old Stain and Sanded.
Table Base_Brown Mahogany Refinished and Sprayed w/ Lacquer for Clarence Legler_2010
Mahogany Table Top Refinished and Clear Coat  Lacquer for Clarence Legler_2010
Oak Chair Refinished and then Sprayed w/ Lacquer For Andy/Lorraine Woldow_2011
Oak Table Refinished then Sprayed w/ Lacquer_2011
Custom Built Doors For A Cabinet And Painted w/ New Hardware_The Mosko's Job_2011
Custom Conference Table Stained and Then Sprayed w/ Catalyzed Lacquer for a Client In_2007
Custom Cabinets Built For A Client w/ Hardware, Glass Panes And Sprayed w/ Catalyzed Paint.
Custom Built An Island w/ Drawers For Client  w/ Granite Top And Then Sprayed w/ Catalyzed Paint.
Oak Farm Table Resized.
Refinished Console Table and then Sprayed w/ Catalyzed Lacquer_For Betty Ellington Client_2011
Refinished Dining Table And Leaves Consisting Of Replacing Edge Banding and then French Polishing.
Refaced Kitchen Cabinets and Added New Hardware_2012.
Refaced Kitchen Cabinets and Added New Hardware_2012.
Made Pantry Pot Pull-Outs w/ Maple and added New Drawer Slides/ Hardware_2012
Made a Wood Casing on the Inside of Cabinets_2012.
Made Kitchen Vanity for an Alcove_2012.
Pantry Pull Outs Made of Maple_2012
Refinished Kitchen Cabinets and Replaced Hardware_2012.
Spruce Cheese Board
TV Console Made of Mahogany w/ Ebony Stain_2012.
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These are some of my pieces I custom made, refinished and restored. You can click on them to read what they are about. I have posted new pieces that I have worked on for clients. 

If you have any questions you may contact me via email or phone.
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